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VISA Cards!!

The utter bane of our trip - Visa cards.

We travelled with a prepay visa, this was an utter mistake - the hostels we book charge in advance, or "block" the money as they refer to it, this causes untold pain when dealing with a limited and very painful prepay system

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Vintage Hostel


Amazing place - the beds were clean, made every day and fresh linen provided - most importantly it was tidy and roomy - there was a balcony and great views with only 10 mins walking from the Gare du Nord.

The only 2 negative points i have are that the internet is VERY expensive - it's 5euro for an hour which in my opinion is just an utter rip off - look straight across the road and there is an internet cafe offering an hour of internet at a faster and better rate with better equipped computers for 2 euro an hour.

The other thing is a very small point - the shower curtains are too short and the water splashes the bathroom - it does get cleaned up every day (not an excuse to let someone clean up after you) but it wouldn't happen at all if the curtains were a little longer.

Overall i would recommend it to anyone and would gladly come back.

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Proposed Plan from France :)

View Europe '09 on Paul McG's travel map.

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Current Travel Map

View Europe '09 on Paul McG's travel map.

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